Eastern Province Brothers Only Portal

This membership portal is for brothers who are in "Good Standing," on the chapter, province, and IHQ levels of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc. and lives in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and the country of Bermuda.

EP Leadership Portal

This portal is for chapter leaders doing business with the Eastern Province on behalf of their chapters.


Submit your officers' report, event insurance checklist, MTA related credentialing, along with other IHQ mandates.

Kappa 1911

Kappa 1911 is the official Brothers Only Portal for brothers doing business with IHQ and the fraternity as a whole.

How to Log In

To log in, use the email address your Keeper of Records submitted to the province on its Form C6. If you are unable to log in, the issue could be that:

  1. Your name was not included on your chapter's C6
  2. or
  3. You are not in GOOD STANDINGS (chapter, province, and national)
  4. or
  5. The email address you used is not the one we have on file.

  6. If you can not log in to the portal, please contact your chapter's Keeper of Records or Keeper of Exchequer.


Furthering Your Commitment To Kappa Through Life Membership Within The EP!

The Eastern Province Life Membership Program, is available to both collegiate and alumni members of the fraternity who contribute a one-time payment of $900 to the Province Life Membership Program. When you become a Province Life Member, you are eliminating your payment of dues to the Eastern Province for life!

Fees can be paid in full -OR- paid in two (2) installments each for subscribing members. The final installment MUST be received on or before year 2 after initial payment. Failure to pay second and final installment within two years of initial payment will result in that initial payment being forfeited. Credentials are only ordered 3 times a year --- in April, August, and December.


You must be currently “In Good Standing” on all three levels of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc. to become an Eastern Province Life Member.

This option is $1,200 and requires an initial payment of $600 with a balance of $300 to be paid annually.

This option should only be used if you have made an initial subscribing EPLM payment. You will need your subscribing EPLM or previous pay down invoice number to submit this request.

Upcoming Events

Now it is easy to add your event to the Brothers Only calendar.

Planning an event? Here is a great place for brothers around the province to learn more about your event. Simply log in and provide the requested details and we will get your event up within a reasonable time.

You must log in to see the form.

Eastern Province Khronicle

The Province Reporter and his committee have implemented guidelines to help ensure the proper procedure for submitting an article for the Eastern Province Kappa Khronicle or the Kappa Journal.

Submission deadline

Submit your articles now for the Fall 2022- October 14, 2022, Winter 2022 – January 13, 2023, Spring 2023 – March 13, 2023, and Summer 2023 – July 29, 2023

Can't log in? Can't find the answer? Let us help!

Before you send us a note, check with your chapter's Keeper of Records or Exchequer. They should be able to tell you your membership status with the province.

For all other questions, fee free to send us a note and someone will get the answer for you in a timely manner. Be sure to give us enough information to make sure we have enough to help you.

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